Your Future Self Will Thank You


You know that feeling when you’re sitting on the commode, finished with your business, just need to wipe and go…. suddenly you reach over to grab for the toilet paper and you find yourself staring in shock at a bare brown tube of cardboard, wondering why you didn’t think to check it before you sat down? Yeah that feeling. Well, that happened to me this morning. (Stay with me…there is a lesson in everything.)

I called out to my children in vain desperation to bring me a roll of TP. They were either out of earshot or ignoring me. (Funny, I could hear THEM just fine.)  I began frantically searching around the bathroom, trying to figure out what I could use as a makeshift wipe able, (“What if I turned the hand towel inside out? Hmm… No. Okay, calm down. Take a breath.”) Something in the back of my mind told me to look under the sink cabinet. Upon opening the doors, to my blissful relief, a wonderfully huge pack of white fluffy goodness was waiting for me. I was so thankful that my Past Self thought about my Present/Future Self’s happiness and contentment.  

When I thought of my “Past Self” chills ran down my arm because it felt like “She” was an entity almost separate from my Present Self and Future Self. That little moment reminded me of all the times my Past Self had set up little things for my Present/Future Self, including setting up savings accounts, paying for insurance plans, updating my website to draw in more clients, et cetera.

I sent that wonderful entity lots of gratitude for thinking of me and my future well being. She reminded me she’s still here and if I will use her more often I will reap more benefits in the future. So I thought to myself, what’s one thing I can do today to help my Future Self succeed? (Thus the blog update. lol!) And I will strive to do at least one good thing for myself everyday whether it’s personal or business related.

What’s one thing you will do today to help your Future Self succeed?   



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