You have super powers!

Yes, you do!

We can learn a lot about ourselves from observing the behavior of children…especially our own!  I am working hard at instilling an “I can do anything I set my mind to” attitude in my own children, but to my dismay, I hear the dreaded “I can’t” phrase pop up from time to time. Just the other night while giving my kids a bath, my 3 year-old knocked over a heavy laundry basket filled with a mountain of dirty clothes and towels situated next to the tub. (Yes, I know. I’m getting to it. Laundry is a constant in my household!)

When the kids got out of the tub, I asked my daughter to pick it up. I knew it would be too heavy for my son, but my daughter is a few years older and stronger. She tried to lift it and got it off the floor just a little. Dropping it back down to the floor, she quickly said she couldn’t do it and that it was too heavy for her. So, I asked her to try again. The second attempt was less fruitful than the first attempt, and I could see she was getting impatient with me asking her to do this nearly impossible task.

I thought to myself, “What would motivate her to do this task and be successful at it?”

Then it dawned on me.

I said, “Okay, this time when you go to lift it, I want you to pretend you are Super Girl. You have super strength and can lift anything.”

A big smile crossed her face. She was motivated now. Ready to really put effort into it. She went for a third attempt. The darn thing was heavy and on wheels so it was easily slipping away from her, but she did not give up. It almost fell to the floor again but she caught it just in time. Grunting, she wrestled with the contraption three or four more times until she maneuvered it in such a way that it finally caught legs and stood up (with most of the clothes still in it).  

Much praise went up for Super Girl and she was very proud of herself that she did it. Her self confidence rose tremendously, and I reminded her that she had that strength and power within herself all along.

That was a great reminder to myself too. I also have the same resources within myself when faced with a seemingly difficult task or situation. A great technique is to use is to imagine the spirit of your hero is helping you do whatever you think would be difficult. Ask yourself what would ‘So-and-So’ do? Or how would ‘So-and-sS’ do it? When I go to the gym I think, “How would my favorite personal trainer do this move or lift this weight?” 

Then I embody that spirit and imagine I am the personal trainer. My posture, stance, and technique immediately improve and I do the move perfectly without having to think about much about it. I don’t have a “give up” attitude as I feel a good personal trainer wouldn’t have that attitude, so I get through it much better. I am proud of myself when I’ve accomplished the sets, and I know I really do have the super powers within me. (And so do you!) 


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