What Would YOU Like to Know?

Hi Hypno-Friends,

I’ve been busy lately with work, clients, kids, and…uh…oh yeah, having a new baby!  So I’ve really been slack on updating my blog, but I’m gearing up again now.  Please join me and become a part of this awesome blogging community. My head is so full of knowledge, I hardly know where to begin. My husband calls me a walking encyclopedia of hypnosis knowledge. Which is great for me, but he gets an earful every night!  

I love this subject and would enjoy sharing anything you would like to know about hypnosis. So instead of me just blogging random information,  I would really like to know what YOU, my hypno-friends, are interested in knowing. Please leave me questions or comments telling me what you want to read about. Leave your comments here and I’ll be happy to share whatever information you might like to know.

The more challenging the question…the better!  Hmmm…as a matter of fact, the person who leaves me the best question will get a free recording download of any product on my site. Up for the challenge? 

Trance Out,




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