Napoleon Hill calls it the “Hidden Guide.” Dave Ramsey calls it “Murphy” (as in Murphy’s Law). What is this mysterious entity? It is that force which tests man and ultimately separates the great from the mediocre.

It’s a crucible. 

As soon as you begin “moving confidently in the direction of your dreams,” like Thoreau suggests, all kinds of obstacles will begin to show up in your life to knock you down (but not out). 

The test is whether you have enough moxie to overcome being temporarily defeated, and it happens to everyone. Do you give up or run away from your dream at the first sign of failure, or do you keep moving forward no matter what challenges or hardships greet you along the way?

This is a test of human spirit. Those who pass go onto to bigger and greater adventures in life. Those who give up fail and get stuck in a rut wondering why they can’t seem to move forward.  

And what does it take to pass the test, to have grace under fire, to keep moving forward, and ultimately overcome it?

Persistence. That’s it!  (So simple.) Keep at it and this thing has no choice but to give up and go pick on someone else!  Where is this entity in your life? Is it running you down or are you running it off?  


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