Sleep to Lose Weight

There are many articles out there now, after much research has been done, that proves that to lose weight you need to add more sleep to your diet plan.

Your body regulates ghrelin (hunger signals) and leptin (full signals) hormones while you are sleeping. We tend to eat more because we feel hungrier and don’t get full as quickly when these hormones have not been reset by a good night’s sleep.

That sounds so simple, yet my clients who see me for weight loss seem to have a hard time getting to bed earlier or sleeping in later. It seems difficult for people to get early shut eye, especially after a stressful day. That’s why I incorporate sleep hypnosis to my repertoire for weight loss. And I am going to extend the same courtesy to you as I do to my regular clients.  

I am in the process of extending my audio weight loss program, so you folks can enjoy the same benefits at home. Among others, I will be adding sleep aid recordings, a post-pregnancy weight loss audio, and conflict-resolution hypnosis–which will help customize the experience for you similar to if you were to come to a see me in a private session.

So keep an eye out for that. I will send out the news when I get them released, and will be selling the recordings individually and as part of a set. Until then I hope you come back to check my blog frequently. I am working on some very exciting projects and hope you will join me. Until then, stay groovy and trance out!




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