Are you curious about the amazing power of hypnosis and would like to learn more about it? Perhaps you would like to start using hypnosis for self improvemrnt, to help others, or just for entertainment?  Perhaps you are ready to start your own hypnotheapy practice or simply learn hypnosis as a powerful tool to enhance your established therapeutic, medical, or dental practice? 

I teach hypnosis workshops and comprehensive hypnotherapy certification courses, called Diversified Client Centered Hypnotherapy, based on the teachings of the Charles Tebbets and further developed by Roy Hunter. Certifcations will be awarded via the Southeastern Academy of Hypnosis.

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Also… for those who live in the Atanta metropolitan area and would like to find out more about hypnotism and take part in insightful discussions, you may join my free group. We typically meet the 3rd Sunday of each month.