Are you are a hypnotherapist who is just not working at the best level you know you could be working?  Are your clients not getting the results they need? Do you have gaps missing in your hypnosis or therapy skills? Are you not getting your clients into profound somnambulism? Are you having difficulty with analytical clients? I am here to help! 

If you wish to learn Profound Somnambulism online, pay for it here then contact me to add you to the facebook group, where you will receive more information and can sign up for a live online class. 

Or perhaps your hypnosis skills are excellent, but you’re not getting the amount of clients you need, or maybe you can’t figure out why your business is not running at a high level. Are you not making the money you need to run your practice and pay yourself a good salary? I will help find the gaps that are missing so you can become more successful as a small business owner. 

I will come to you to observe your work, give you notes, and give you better training to improve your skill sets, and I will help get your business running better. For $10,000 (plus travel costs), I will work with you for 6 days (Monday through Saturday) and find your missing gaps to get you above par so you, too, can be one of the best hypnotherapist in the country. Just like me! This is a small investment in yourself that you will be glad you made. :)