NOTE: This course requires basic knowledge in the hypnotic process, either through our organization or another. If you have not taken such a course, please take a basic hypnotherapy program first. As an advanced training class, it is designed to increase skills.

 Profound Somnambulism 

Deep Hypnosis Protocol

with Subconscious Dialogue

Learn Secret Techniques that’s not being taught anywhere else in modern hypnotherapy!

Earn 10 CEUs and a certificate

Imagine being that expert who always knew how to get every client into deep trance, every session, and have a full conversation with the SC through the client’s voice box… while the client naps in your chair…

 …It would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?


How many times have you wondered if your client was deep enough in hypnosis? How may times have you wondered if the ideomotor response was actually the subconscious speaking or the client’s conscious mind? Even when you think you might be getting real IMRs, how frustrating is it to sit there and patiently play “20 questions” with yes, no, or maybe responses?

And when you get a “maybe” response, how frustration is it to be stuck as to which direction to ask the questions, knowing there is more thorough and accurate information but not knowing how to adequately retrieve ALL the information?

Take the guesswork out of your changework!


Hi, My name is Stephanie Conkle. I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and I developed the PS protocol because I was frustrated with not knowing the results I was getting. I was tired of clients leaving the office and having a pit in my stomach from not being totally certain if my clients had been adequately hypnotized, even when they passed the so-called suggestibility tests and convincers.

I wanted to talk to the SC. I wanted to have it talk back to me. I knew some hypnotists of the olden golden days were doing this, from reading the case histories, but I didn’t know how they accessed it. There was plenty of instruction on how to get a client into hypnosis, but very little information on what to do to get the SC to talk to the operator aside from age regression work, but even then you are only talking to a "part" of the client, like the Inner Child, and not the pure and wise SC. 

There were no books instructing me how to do this and no classes to teach me. So, after two years of a kind of reverse engineering and experimentations, I finally figured out the solution and developed the PS protocol and PS script. I finally had access to the pure SC without any interference from the CM. I finally felt like a real hypnotist (and not a relaxo-therapist). And you can feel this good too!


The Profound Somnambulism Deepening Protocol course is for any hypnosis professional seeking to master the deepest levels of hypnosis, beyond the Esdaile state, beyond the coma state…using subconscious dialogue. The SC talks to you with the client’s voice while the client’s conscious mind is taking a nap. It feels just like talking to an old friend. And when you are eliciting full sentences and back and forth banter from the SC, you get much more accurate information.

Not only that, but within this deep state of profound somnambulism, phenomenal things occur like instantaneous healing, amnesia without suggestion, and the ability for the client to go back into deep hypnosis with only one simple phrase. Plus, it’s RIDICULOUSLY simple and easy to learn.


When you order today, you will gain instant access to this starting point. You can begin your studies immediately, worldwide from any computer.  The class comes with videos of live classes, Q & A sessions, a script in PDF, the protocol in PDF, and sample video and audio sessions from real clients! You also will receive a certificate of completion with 10 CEUs.

It does not matter if you use age regression, Parts Therapy, or Content-free hypnosis using metaphors and symbols – this protocol works with whatever type of hypnosis you are currently using, so you don’t have to change your style…you simply add in the techniques from the protocol.


Core Components of the PSP

  • Ratification from the SC with no ambiguity
  • Clarity and accuracy
  • Enjoy full sentence dialogue with the SC (just like talking to an old friend) instead of getting binary IMR responses
  • Instantaneous and automatic healing
  • Re-induce client within 30 seconds using one phrase on subsequent sessions
  • Access the SC and even the Higher Self
  • The client “feels” hypnotized and experiences extreme time distortion
  • The client wakes up with partial or full amnesia


It's much better to have a conversation with the SC like talking to an old friend, instead of getting binary responses and having to play 20 questions with ideomotor responses–hoping that it's the subconscious that's digitally talking and not the conscious mind.

Besides the fact that instantaneous healing can occur, and besides the fact that you can set up a re-induction phrase that will drop the client back into the deepest level of hypnosis within 30 seconds, this protocol takes all of the guesswork out of your changework.

It's similar to the “ultra” hypnosis techniques in that you get the client into the deepest levels of somnambulism and dissociate them. The difference is, when you contact the SC (or the Higher Self if you wish), the personality of the SC emerges and talks back to you in clear sentences while the client is sleeping (sometimes even snoring!) using the client's voice box.


You do not use any ideomotor responses as they are not necessary. The body is not cataleptic as the client's body can move around and talk, (and even walk), and stay in deep trance with the eyes opened or closed.

While in this amazing state, the SC tells you what's really going on with the client. It will also heal any part of the client that needs healing, restoration, or repair, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spirituality. And it will usually heal it right there in your chair during the session, very quickly.

Everyone has different levels of experience of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and we all have been trained by different mentors and schools of thought. I ask that you keep an open mind during my training.


Some things I reveal may go against what you have been taught. (Such as depth of trance doesn't exist and you can't hypnotize people to do things without their knowledge, etc.) Don't worry about that. Just follow the protocol and your belief system will change when you start working within this amazing realm.

About 75% of the clients I work with in this state wake up with partial to full amnesia of the session. I don't give them the commands for amnesia. It's simply a phenomenon that happens in this level. (Like when a person has been asleep for hours and doesn't remember their dreams, or having been asleep for that long.)

Having said that, about 25% remember the session, but that doesn't mean that you didn't have them in PS. They will enjoy the same results regardless. And you will know clearly when the client is in PS.


Why learn PS? Because it's very simple and extremely effective. It is much quicker than a typical hypnotherapy session, yet just as effective. Physical, mental, and emotional healing occurs in this state in the matter of minutes.

Plus, you will be able to get the client back into PS in under a minute on subsequent sessions using a couple of words that re-induce deep trance.

It fits in with whatever kinds of work you are already doing. (Regression, parts therapy, content-free, etc… I've experimented with it all.)

The client "feels hypnotized" upon emergence, so there is no doubt in the conscious mind that the client was hypnotized.

You get a clearer understanding of what the client really needs, when you give up playing "20 questions" and with ideomotor responses.

The client wakes up with amnesia without suggestion for amnesia 75% of the time, and feel like they have been napping, but they also feel hypnotized. If a second session is needed, they go back into this deep state in under a minute by using a simple re-induction word or phrase.


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Praise for this course:

Did my first PS session and it went pretty much the way it was outlined. Client was a young mother struggling with alcoholism and a multitude of problems. Got some good stuff from her SC, spontaneous healing, and she had amnesia for everything after establishing her Happy Safe Place. Feeling really good about this technique! I highly recommend this course to experienced hypnotists who want to take their sessions to the next level.

Dan Perez

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Houston, Texas


I used the script today for the first time and had profound results. My client was twitching like crazy at parts and referred to himself in the third person- it was great to know to look for that. He was glowing at the end which is always something I strive for….I like that it is built around opportunities to do regression or parts work.

James Malbon Harrison

Clinical Hypnoterapist

Portland, Oregon


I got clear and relevant information very quickly that I probably never would have got with IMRs and a clear agreement for change.

Patrick Molloy

Clinical Hypnotherapist

London, United Kingdom