Feeling Depressed?

Do you feel depressed, out of whack, even a bit angry? Are you baffled by it? Many people are depressed without even knowing why. Their life seems to be pretty good in context, yet they walk around in a funk all day. If this sounds like you, read further….

Are you the type of person that has formed the habit of watching late night television (like the News) and then falling asleep? Perhaps you even turn it on first thing in the morning, or listen to news radio while driving to work? If you fit into this category, examine your emotions and outlook on life. 

We’ve all heard the expression “No News is Good News” and how true is that?! What gets played on the News? Bad news! That’s what sells.

When you fall asleep right after watching the news, it gets incorporated into your dreams, and your dreams have been programmed to replay the events over and over in your mind, disassemble the information, and put it back together using metaphors…sometimes in the form of nightmares. Those dreams then get filed away in your subconscious and your emotions play off this useless, negative baggage. You wake up cranky and don’t even know why!

Right before falling asleep, your brain waves shift to the Alpha wave state which is the time when your mind is wide open to suggestion. Your mind will follow the programming you put there!  It’s no wonder why so many of us wake up crabby, not feeling refreshed or rejuvenated!

I don’t know about you, but I hate the feeling of waking up in the morning having fought all night in my dreams, wishing I could get more sleep. Now I only watch (or read) the News during the day when I’m wide awake and can make conscious decisions on how I want my mind to filter the information.

One should NEVER fall asleep to the television going all night! Those people are getting all kinds of negative mind programming. They may be “watching” something that they would never watch during their waking states, and not even know what they are “watching” (even scarier) because they are asleep. What are they being sold? Think of the hundreds of ads they’re listening to as well. Yikes!  

I have had so many people tell me that they can only fall asleep with the t.v. on because they need the “white noise” in the background. If that’s the case, it’s better off to buy a white noise machine or listen to a nature CD, because the television is not simply white noise. It’s a very dangerous “noise” to have reeling around in your mind and taking root in your subconscious.

The “good news” is that these people can train their minds to sleep again without the aid of the t.v. or the white noise, and hypnosis can cure that syndrome instantly. I’ll be coming out with a CD for that soon, so be on the lookout for that.

Listen, this doesn’t only apply to watching television. The same thing happens when reading a book or having an argument before falling asleep. One should use this time productively by thinking happy thoughts, reading something inspirational, or listening to one of my beneficial hypnotic recordings.

How terrific will you feel when you wake up refreshed, renewed, with a bright outlook for the day, the week, the month? And I can’t tell you just how incredibly productive will you be, but I do know you will feel much much better!


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