Keep trying…keep trying…don’t give up…never give up….


My children watch this annoying little show called Yo Gabba Gabba. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible. It’s fairly educational in a very simplistic way. The characters in oversized costumes look like things of nightmares and the show’s producers somehow get throw back 80s indie bands to play with the–parents obviously trying too hard from an old complex to make sheik television children who, undoubtedly, the throw back references are lost on them–as they learn about life’s little lessons on fairness, persevering, sharing, biting, brushing your teeth, and, well, you get the idea.  

Perhaps the most annoying thing about the show, and the most brilliant, is the little lesson songs the characters sing. Using no harmony whatsoever, or anything else to break up the musical monotony, they play the lyrics over and over again, agonizingly repetitious, until it gets drilled into your brain (which the subconscious mind LOVES and remembers!) 

Add the number of times the lyric is played in one episode, times that by the number of times they air that same dang episode a day, times the number of times they play it a week and you have got yourself hypnosis by rote and osmosis. Luckily the songs are about how it’s not good to bite your friends and not about having your parents dole out hard earned cash to buy something for the kid he or she doesn’t really need, like many of the commercials on the network the show is aired on does. 

So tonight I found myself lying in bed earlier, sick, awake, and wondering why I stopped blogging. After negating all my “good excuses” of how busy I was, I finally determined that I just gave up. As soon as I had that thought, an annoying little Yo Gabba Gabba “Keep Trying” earwig popped into my brain. It goes like this…”Keep trrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyiiiiiing. Keep trrrrrrrrrryyyyying. Don’t give up. Never give up. Keep trrrrrrrrrrrying. Keep trrrrrrrrrrying. Don’t give up. Never give up! You’ll get it right!” Followed by “Don’t stop!” (Now repeat that ad nauseam and you get the idea.) Here is the video link if you really want to see what I mean…http://www.nickjr.com/kids-videos/yo-gabba-keep-trying.html

So, even though I have what I think to be strep and a low grade fever, I sit and write this blog because I realized in bed…my subconscious mind told me…don’t give up. Never give up. Keep trying. Keep trying. You’ll get it right. Don’t stop! (Thanks Yo Gabba Gabba.) So here I am. I also came to the realization that I don’t have to have something clever to write about. I just have to write. Take my “Road Less Travelled” and see where it leads. And, of course, don’t give up. Never give up. 

What do you need to keep trying? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment fields below if you want. I love reading feedback and especially your very own thoughts and feelings. 

Love and blessing to all who read this, 


p.s. Blog=check! Okay, now I’m getting back under the covers to fight off this cold.

p.p.s. Forgive typos, misspellings, weird sentence constructions, etc. I’m blaming it on the cold!


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