Hypnotic Writing

If you know the question, you already know the answer. That’s right. If you can ask the question, it means your mind already knows the answer in some capacity and all it takes is unlocking that answer from the depths of your mind. I have developed a series that helps you reveal answers to yourself by allowing you to tap into the part of your mind of what I call your “stream of un-consciousness.”

As a matter of fact, I am very excited to be bringing my Clear Life Goals hypnotic recording series to the Book Expo America (BEA) this year through the multi-media publishing company MMI Press www.mmipress.com.

These particular recordings are designed to place you into a light state of trance freeing your mind to allow subconscious ideas bubble up to the surface to help you figure out and understand what you really want, but may not be aware of yet, through creative visualization techniques.

The hypnotic writing activities will put your true desires in black and white, written in your own hand, so you are clear on what it is you really want to get out of life or call into your future so you can create your dream life. Once you have this information, you will have a clear direction for which path you need to take, and the subconscious and analytical mind can now work in tandem to speed up the process. 

So, this method is similar to free form writing but you are in a much more heightened state of consciousness. When you are in this state, anything and everything is possible. If you knew just how amazing your brain really is, you would surpass your own expectations for greatness. You can really stretch your natural talents and abilities, and use them to their fullest capacities, once you remove the mental blocks that keep getting in the way of your success.

This is where hypnosis can really help.

Medical doctors work on the physical level of healing dealing with the flesh of the body, psychologists work on the psychological level of healing dealing with the limited conscious mind, but hypnotist deal directly with the unconscious mind (that part of you that keeps you breathing and your heart pulsating without you having to tell it to do so), which is where physical and psychological healing really occurs and can do so quickly and automatically. It’s where your intuition or “gut feeling” springs up from.   

Did you know that your unconscious mind processes over 400 billion bits of information every second?  Your conscious mind (the critical mind you are thinking with right now as you read this) can only process 2,000 bits per second, and you can only hold one thought at a time. With hypnosis, we can tap into that unlimited wealth of knowledge that has been processed by your unconscious, or subconscious, mind so you can reach your fullest potential for success, completely heal from diseases, lose weight, stop smoking, get over phobias, forgive abusive people in your life, and so much more.  That’s exciting news! I’m here to help when you are ready to get started. 


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