Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Does weight loss hypnosis really work? Of course you would expect me to say it does, but I'm not going to give you the easy answer right off the bat. I want you to be involved in understanding the answer. If you look for this information online, the facts are all over the board.

I even found an online study (well, more like term paper posted online) entitled "Weight Loss Through Hypnosis?" by a student from Vanderbilt University using loose "facts" to try to prove her hypothesis that weight loss hypnosis does not work. It's not based on any kind of thorough (or even modern) clinical study of the science of weight loss hypnotherapy. It is mostly her opinion. She writes that people should not become overzealous because, "intuitively one knows weight loss cannot be instantaneous." Really? How does she figure that? We all know the beauty of hypnosis is indeed the "instantaneous" factor.

In truth, weight loss happens instantly with any weight loss program. The trick it to get your mind to go along with it as soon as possible. Hypnosis speeds up that process as it bypasses the part of the brain that wants you to remain overweight, like writing new code for a computer software program. She also quotes outdated and questionable studies from 1985! It is clear she has not taken any classes on hypnosis and why it works, yet I wonder how many people read that article and take it as gospel…then wrongly dismiss hypnosis? 

One could argue, as she does, that there are many "get slim quick" internet hypnosis programs out there that are just designed to take your money. And that may be true with some weight loss hypnosis products and some slimy people posing as hypnotists, but I think that is rare. Rather, I believe the majority of hypnotists are providing a legitimate service (online and in private practice). They are consistently getting quick results as they claim, but something else is happening…the same clients come back a few years later to be hypnotized again because most (or all) of their weight came back over time! 

Only the best hypnotherapists will tell you the whole truth on this matter. Basic direct suggestion hypnosis for weight loss works for the short term, like any other diet plan out there. It gives suggestion to the brain to lose the weight, have more will power to diet, and love to exercise. This is great in and of itself and can be a useful tool in the short term, but what we want is long-term and lasting results. In order to do that, we must delve a little deeper.

People will lose significant weight via hypnosis or, quite frankly, any diet program they commit to then turn around and put all that weight back on they worked so hard to take off. Why? Because they haven't resolved the deeper issues of what's keeping them overweight in the first place. The have charged emotions trapped inside them that needs to be heard and released first. 

This can be accomplished a couple different ways; through traditional regression hypnoanalysis and through Conflict-Resolution Therapy, also called Parts Therapy. The best method is to see a professional hypnotherapist to perform hypnoanalysis tailored to your specific needs. I suggest Regress and Release, but outside that, the next best solution is using Parts Therapy. This is something you can do with a just a little guidance, and I will soon have a Parts Therapy recording, to go along with my own direct suggestion weight loss recordings, for those of you who want to have long lasting results being honest with yourself and allowing your true emotions to bubble up from your subconscious mind to speak and be heard.  

There is a part of you that is keeping you overweight is doing so for a specific reason, or reasons. Once you understand it, you can agree to modify your behavior if those needs are met in another way, without your health having to be sabotaged in the process. Then you can lose weight and not have to worry about gaining it all back. So there is a little bit of brain work involved, but because you are doing it in a light state of trance, you feel great the entire time…and you may learn some eye opening stuff about yourself.

And that's the simple truth about any hypnosis. Once the cause is realized and dealt with, the cure will happen quickly and permanently. Sometimes, just knowing the cause is enough to allow the long-term benefits of hypnosis to take effect. You may also choose to release old painful emotions that have been filtering your perception of life up to now, so that your present and future life can be filled with joy again. Now, doesn't that sound great?  


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