• 6/25, 9:11pm
  • Anonymous

    Hello Stephanie. I guided my mother in law as per your advice. She started practicing from day before yesterday night. She slept that night. I am sure this will work. I will keep you posted.

    Thank you once again for this support. Take care. Have a great evening and a peaceful sleep later.

    6/25, 10:45pm

    Stephanie Conkle

    Awesome! Thank you for the feedback and I am very pleased your mother in law is sleeping better!











  • June 27






    Thank you Stephanie. My mother in law could sleep well again tonight. I will keep you posted. Thank you once again.

















    6/27, 3:01pm




    Stephanie Conkle

    Fantastic! You're both more than welcome!











    June 29


    6/29, 12:55pm



















    Hello Stephanie. My mother in law told me to inform you that she has been sleeping peacefully with your advice. Thank you so much for the support. Have a great day ahead.







































    6/29, 1:33pm

    Stephanie Conkle







    You're welcome. That is fantastic! I'm very happy to know she a sleeping peacefully. Have a great day!