Hypnosis can help children stop wetting the bed, remove fears and anxiety, and so much more!


  • Hiya, have you ever used hypnotherapy to help with children’s nightmares? My 4 year old daughter is dreaming of monsters and waking us all up all night. She settles really quickly and no problems going to sleep but someone mentioned it and I thought you might know more?

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    Stephanie Conkle


    Awww. I’m sorry. Oh yeah, she’s at the age of having vivid nightmares. This is typical. What I have my children do is to pretend they are a wizard or a dragon or some kind of mighty and powerful creation that they like. Then pretending they are the dragon, let’s say, have them describe the dream, and when they get to the part of the monster, have them role play power over the monster. They can put a spell on him, tie him up, breathe fire on him, or simply make him disappear with a magic wand. That gives their subconscious mind permission to have power over the monster.

    Another thing you can do when you are putting her down for bed at night during story time is pretend you are covering her with a beautiful shiny protective bubble. Even though it’s invisible, she can feel just how safe and protection this bubble is. Nothing can get inside it without her permission. And nothing can take her out of it unless she wants to get out. She has complete control over this bubble of safety. That should reduce the amount of nightmares. The key is that she feels safe.

    Children have wonderful imaginations! It also helps to use characters already likes. So, like Winnie the Pooh could also help protect her while she sleeps by standing guard at her door or her bed.

    Try those out and please let me know how well they work!

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    It worked – happy sleeping night again – THANK YOU

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    Stephanie Conkle


    Yaaaaaay! You’re welcome. Anytime!