I am the mother of a sweet little boy who is on the autism spectrum, so I know first-hand how challenging (and expensive) it is to care for a special needs child. Because if this, I am offering any child with a diagnoses of autism (anywhere on the spectrum), and their primary caregivers, a 20% discount off the regular price on any and all hypnotherapy and Biomat therapy services. (I have extended this to all special needs.) Please note: I do not typically do hypnosis on children with autism younger than 12 years old, unless there is a special circumstance. However, they can start using the Biomat as young as 5 years old. 

I sometimes offer free sessions to those who are on my special needs mailing list (and caregivers), so be sure to ask me how to register for that. I also offer this discount for other special needs folks, and adults with autism, on a case by case basis.    

I really believe respite is essential for the caregiver. Essential. You might want to consider taking advantage of the Biomat therapy as well. It feels so nice to just rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Just think of how good it will feel resting on the Biomat and knowing there is nothing you have to do. Nowhere you have to be. But simply relaxing and allowing your body to release, renew, and restore back to optimum health. You give your loved ones the best therapies you can afford. It is time to do something nice for yourself! And at a 20% discount, you can afford it. You deserve to treat yourself! (You really do.)

Even if you decide not to use my services for your own respite, please get it somewhere (and often). I have to be reminded of that myself! 

Above is a picture is my son enjoying BioMat therapy. 

The BioMat is great for people who have heavy metal toxins or a leaky gut. The FIR technology helps the body absorb vitamins and nutrients as it detoxifies at the cellular level. It helps restore balance to intestinal flora. It also eradicates potentially harmful cells and rejuvenates the good ones. Plus it improves digestion, circulation, and waste removal.