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How can hypnotism help with pain management? Glad you asked!  Aside from recently being injured, most pain, especially chronic pain is linked to a mind-body connection. Hypnotism works with that area of your brain to alleviate, reduce, or eradicate pain signals, through a combination of techniques including: relaxation, anchoring, guided imagery, and getting answers directly from your subconscious mind.

See, the body has this amazing ability to heal itself given a. the proper MINDSET b. the proper nutrition, exercise, and rest. When your body is not suffering an immediate injury, what purpose does the pain present? The pain did its job initially, and we should be grateful, because it served us to save our life. But pain shouldn’t last for weeks, months, or even years. Chronic pain has no use to your health.   

Ask yourself the question, “Do drugs heal my problem or just treat a symptom?” With hypnotism, you can get down to the root cause of what’s causing the pain to continue day in and day out. Once the answer is exposed, healing from within can occur. Pain can drastically be reduced, or simply end, immediately and with no side effects through this complementary practice.

Recently, I attended a convention to earn some continuing education credits. A woman, who was a nurse, was sitting behind me and had to stand up every once in a while. She couldn’t stand too long, nor sit too long. The poor woman had a tremendous amount of back pain from a car accident she suffered from twelve years ago.  In her profession, she had to be on her feet for long stretches of time.

This convention was full of people from the medical and other healing professions and I wondered why nobody treated her pain all weekend. She was clearly suffering. I asked her if she wanted me to try a technique with her. She agreed and in less than 5 minutes her back pain was drastically reduced (by about 80%) and in another 5 minutes her pain was completely gone! She got to sit (and really listen to the speakers) for the rest of the convention. 

I would pat myself on the back if I was the type to do that, but I know it was her own mind that did all the work. All I did was guide her in releasing the pain herself. Does this work this fast with every person? Most of they time, yes. But it truly varies depending on the person and why they feel they need to carry the pain. There is usually a hidden reason for people to want to keep pain.  Sometimes it’s the attention they get from other people. Sometimes it’s because they are not ready to take on bigger tasks they feel they cannot handle. Whatever the reason, chronic pain can be resolved. 

(I am not a licensed medical doctor, so I cannot prescribe, treat, or diagnose medical problems. I work with clients with medical problems via doctor referrals only.)     

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