Blocks are Mostly Mental

When my youngest daughter, Abbie, was old enough to walk longer distances, after years of having to push her in a stroller, I let her come on a walk with me and my oldest daughter to a Girl Scout meeting at someone’s home who lived in the neighborhood.

It was only a few blocks away, so we would walk on days when the weather was nice.

Being that this was one of the first time’s Abbie walked near the street, I had her stay on the edge of people’s lawns as our neighborhood does not have sidewalks, and I needed to keep her safe as she was not quite old enough, or reflexive enough, to dodge cars in the street.

My oldest daughter, Sarah, walked along the gutter next to the curb in the road, and I walked on the outside edge of the girls on the asphalt, protecting them from danger. 

As the three of us were walking at a good pace, talking, and laughing, the girls stopped walking rather abruptly. I had taken a few paces more before I noticed there was a problem, but I quickly turned around to see why they girls were stopped.

I noticed my oldest a few paces behind me in the curb, and little Abbie a few paces behind her in the grass, stuck behind a big green utility box that was jutting up from someone’s lawn. She just froze there not certain what to do. She had never encountered this before. She didn’t automatically realize she could simply walk around the side of the box.

Sarah started laughing and told Abbie to walk around the box. It still did not register, for Abbie was mesmerized by the big obstacle in front of her that appeared to be larger than life and hid her tiny body. It was an easy box walk around, or even jump over, for a bigger kid or an adult. After a while she realized what we were yelling at her.

“You can walk around it! Go around the box! Go around it!”

And the moment she realized she could get beyond this, a big grin came over her face. She laughed, shook her head, and simply walked around the box. Once she observed that the box wasn’t really stopping her, she changed course and ran to catch up with us.

How many times do we, as adults, allow ourselves to become blocked because an unknown obstacle seemingly pops up out of nowhere? We’re not really stuck. We just need to remember we have the ability to get beyond it. Perhaps that means changing our perspective, learning which direction to go in, or remembering you are more than adequate to handle any situation. Perhaps the block is a little more complex and we need hypnosis to either remove it or help navigate us away from it. In any case, knowing that there is a way around it is the first step to overcoming your blocks and reaching your goals.  



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