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by Stephanie

      Most things in life are about 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical. Would you like to lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthier, stop procrastinating, improve sports performance, speak confidently in public, or eliminate stress, allergies, phobias, or pain? Trust me, there is a better way to feel better fast without having to take costly drugs with even costlier side effects.  Hypnosis works! 

        Hi, I'm board certified Clincal Hypnotherapist Stephanie Conkle. I provide superior clincal hypnotherapy and NLP services. Hypnotherapy utilizes the subconscious mind to achieve personal success far easier and quicker than with will power alone for anyone who is looking to change life for the better, easily and effortlessly. Now, how wonderful is that? 

I will help you remove mental blocks, overcome fears and phobias, release certain addictions, and reduce or remove pain completely. Together, we can overcome virtually anything that is mental (which is just about everything) so you can enjoy your best life now.  

I get reactions all the time from satisfied clients and receive testimonials such as, "What you did with me in one session would have taken months to achieve with my regular psychiatrist."  I've even heard, "My regular psychiatrist has praised me on the dramatic change in me.  I just let him think he healed me, but I know it was really you."  (See my testimonials then call or email me when you are ready for a change!)

Of course, I love hearing all the wonderful complements from my trusted hypnotherapy clients.  It does wonders for my ego, but it's not me that works the magic. It's YOU!  It is the hypnotic process that works within you when you are ready to change. I am simply the instrument that helps you taps into your internal resources and wisdom you already have deep within yourself. 

Doesn't hypnosis sound great? Research it and you will find overwhelming evidence of millions of cases that have been treated and succeffully resolved with hypnosis alone. 


Sadly, many people still don't use hypnosis as their main form of trusted therapy because of all of the gross misinformation that has surrounded it for years.  See my Hypnosis FAQ page to dispel any myths you might have about it. And call me if you have any questions. 

Not only can you take hypnosis seriously, but once you have experienced it for yourself, I bet you will wish you had known about it earlier–and you may choose to continue to benefit from its use for the rest of your life. 

Would you like to step up your workout routine, accomplish a business goal, have perfect recall when taking a test, improve your memory, be able to relax under pressure, improve your love life, or have more confidence? With hypnosis there is a quick and easy solution to virtually any need!

The beauty of hypnosis is you don't have to see a traditional therapist for years on end. As a matter of fact, that's not the way our brains work. In order to produce effective change, the brain needs to take in information quickly, repeatedly, and in patterns. In other words, the brain learns by programming (neuronal repatterning). Positive lasting results take effect immediately through the power of hypnosis! 

My job is to get people into a healthy state of mind and provide tools that will make you feel, act, and look better now! We can release the past and create a happy (and lasting) lifestyle for the present and future in much less time than with a traditional "talk" therapist. Of course "talk" therapy has it's place–but trust me–if you're ready for the much quicker "results" therapy–hypnotherapy is right for you!

As a matter of fact, hypnosis is the easiest way of making fundamental changes because all you have to do is sit back, relax, and allow the process to work. How wonderful is that? So, are you ready to get started? You can be happy now! (You really can.) 

I am available for private sessions in the greater Atlanta area, or choose from a variety of CDs and audio downloads, and let me hypnotize you from the comfort of your own home (see my HypnoStore). Expereice hypnosis and discover why hypnotherapy is the premier effective method for total transformation and getting the lasting results you deserve. CAll 678-598-7366 today or go ahead and book yourself with my scheduling system if you already know you're ready for hypnosis. BOOK ME NOW!

Located in Woodstock. Serving Atlanta and the greater metro area including: Acworth, Alpharetta, Canton, Johns Creek, Marietta, Milton, Roswell, Town Lake, and Woodstock. Skype options available for people located outside the service area. Voice messages left will be answered on or before the next business day. 



Want to know the statistics on the EFFECTIVENESS of hypnosis? Click here! 


Because hypnosis uses 

the intelligent power

of your subconscious mind…

and puts you in a very pleasant state…

it means you will get the quickest

and most proficient results…

to solve virtually any problem

every time…

so you can become

the best and highest version

of yourself!



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