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The Best Proof is Hearing it from Other People!

All of these wonderful people featured here are my personal clients. They have given me permission to use their testimonial statements or email messages and photos. 

If you are a satsified client and would like to have your testimonial featured here, please email  I only use your first name and last initial, and ask for picture only if you feel comfortable. Or you may remain anonymous if you wish. 


"Prior to my session with Stephanie Conkle, I had been hypnotized four times. My experience with Stephanie was by far the best of my five experiences. Before beginning the session, she was very thorough in addressing goals, explaining the process and making me feel comfortable. Additionally, the induction phase was the most professional and effective that I had personally been through. Stephanie did a terrific job of helping me avoid distractions and complete the process. I would recommend without hesitation that anyone interested in hypnosis work with Stephanie Conkle first." 


Rob H.


Woodstock, GA


Smoking Cessation 

"When I first contacted Stephanie to inquire about hypnosis, I had been smoking for over 16 years. I had strong urges to smoke, a compulsion to smoke often, and had been smoking more than a pack a day. I had tried several other methods of quitting such as the patch, nicotine gum, and quitting cold turkey (all countless times).  Also, I was about to start taking a prescription drug that had such horrible side effects that it scared me!

"Through Hypnosis, which for me was like a deep guided meditation, I was able to understand myself more and to release several negative mental blocks that I had spent years unknowingly developing. I was able to get over my mental blocks and to see a brighter future ahead as a natural non-smoker. Stephanie provided me with the powerful tools I needed, and several effective techniques to utilize whenever I find myself stressed out.  It was easy for me to feel committed to quitting and to a new lifestyle because of these profound tools and techniques. As most people, I still get stressed and overwhelmed with life at times, but now I have the power to control my thoughts and actions steering them in the direction that I choose!"

Micki S.

Canton, GA

Mike Jackson

"I had a fantastic experience with Stephanie Conkle and would advise anyone who wants to quit smoking to see her.  As a closet  smoker of 20 years, I was ready to quit but had failed multiple times.  I enjoyed it and was afraid of quitting.  I was afraid I would miss out on something I truly enjoyed.  I quit after the first session and honestly, it was EASY.  I do not miss it at all and I can’t believe it was so easy.  I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to quit smoking.   IT WORKS!!!"

Cathy C.

Milton, GA

Mike Jackson

"I wanted to make several lifestyle changes but needed some assistance to get over the hump.  With Stephanie's help, quitting smoking was a slam dunk, no problem whatsoever.  And she is helping me to lose weight at the same time!  Stephanie is a very dynamic person and her voice is mesmerizing while in trance.  The subconscious mind is powerful, and she speaks directly to it.  What could be more effective?"

Jeff W.

Marietta, GA


From a 3 packs a day smoker for over 40 years!!!

Mike Jackson


“Stephanie was GREAT. She really cared about my goal of stopping smoking after 40+ years. So far so good! I know I can always call her and get a short pick me up if I need it." 

Email feedback-used with permission

Stephanie, you really helped me!  The normal cravings come but vanish just as fast. Been since February 13 , 2015. Can't thank you enough! Doing it day by day but am pretty sure it is over. What a relief. Thanks Stephanie!"

John P.

Woodstock, GA

Email feedback-used with permission


Mike Jackson

"Hi Stephanie! Just wanted to touch base with you. It's been a month since my sessions with you and I'm happy to say that I'm a non-smoker! I moved 1,000 miles with my family and didn't have any urges to smoke. As a matter of fact, about half through the drive, my daughter said to me that she noticed that I was calm and easy going. I was VERY anxious about the drive and you helped me. I feel like my life has changed tremendously. Thank you so much!"


Kimberly G.



Woodstock, GA



Email feedback-used with permission

Mike Jackson

"Good Morning Stephanie,  This is Scott… Well its been three days and nights and a Sunday Morning. I am not smoking. I want to thank you for your help. I believe your approach to the questions you asked were very helpful for you to help me. They were detailed and probing questions that did not seem to be probing. Better than a therapist… And a better outcome."


Scott S.

Acworth, GA



Email excerpt after two sessions – used with permission

Mike Jackson

Hi Stephanie,

"I am doing great! Thank you so much! I have not had any cravings at all. You are fabulous! I am doing so great, that I really do not need the booster appointment."

Patty G.

Alpharetta, GA 

(Very flattering, but I do recommend the booster appointment! That's the one where I program in unconscious commands for the accelerated healing of cells and tissues.)



Email feedback-used with permission

Mike Jackson

"Dear Stephanie,

I hope all is well with you and your family.  It's been a few years since the last time I visited you in your office, on smoking cessation. Since then, I haven't had even a tiny little bit of urge to smoke! You've totally helped me, and I can't thank you enough for that! :)"

Kay T. 

Alpharetta, GA 

Email feedback-used with permission

Mike Jackson


Excerpt from Client's Daughter…

(…) my mom has not smoked since she saw you!!! I have to thank you so much! I have been trying to get her to quit since I was a little girl. You are a miracle woman!!

Lauren P.

Alpharetta, GA 


Weight shedding

"At age 49, I have struggled with my weight for decades. I have tried dieting, exercise, supplements, weight loss organizations, audio tapes, positive reinforcement, and avoiding restaurants. Each of these ideas has shown moderate, short-term results, followed by a quick return to my previous self-sabotaging behaviors. After the first session with Stephanie I already felt more in control of my eating habits. Stephanie addressed issues that professional weight loss centers were not equipped to handle, and that I was unable to manage on my own.

"I have recommended Stephanie and Clear Life Results to friends and acquaintances and will happily continue to do so. Not only is she an exceptional hypnotherapist, she is an all-around wonderful human being that I am thrilled to have had the good fortune to meet. Thanks, Stephanie!"

Debbie P.

Cumming, GA

Mike Jackson

"Stephanie was truly amazing. Caring and kind, she loves what she does and it shows."

Julie G.

Lilburn, GA

Mike Jackson

“When I decided to call Stephanie I had been struggling with losing the last 20 pounds for the last 5 years.  I had joined a gym, signed up for "weight loss" classes with no success.  Watching calories didn't help either.  Every time I saw my doctor it felt like a broken record – you need to lose some weight.  I also struggled with constant sugar cravings that didn't help my case. 

"After my first visit with Stephanie, I felt renewed and focused.  I realized a month or two after our visit that I was able to walk past the sugary snacks and it wasn't calling my name.  I had a follow up dr's appointment discovered I was down 12 pounds.  I was esctatic!  I am finally on the road to success.  Stephanie also helped me regain confidence that I had lost along the way.  Thank you, Stephanie!"

Adrienne W.

Woodstock, GA 

Mike Jackson

"It was a great session! I can tell a difference already no cravings!  I had no wine last night, and I've been able to stop eating when I'm full.  And I went on a walk with my hubby last night.  I am thrilled! I wish I had done this months ago."

"Great news! I got on the scale yesterday and I've already lost 5 pounds!"

Lee R.

Cumming, GA


Anxiety & Depression Release


"I am so thankful to have found out about Stephanie's services. You have no idea how she changed my life in a matter of hours. Just a little background about my situation. I was diagnosed with anxiety and severe depression which I was hospitalized and given medication. To make matters worse, I was ordered to group therapy for a month then to see a personal therapist every week. Those sessions helped but then they would make me feel worse. I needed relief and I needed it immediately… Stephanie listened to me during our consultation. She made me feel comfortable with explaining what pushed me to the state of depression and what was causing me to be stuck. She really gave me something to hope for and work towards.

"One of the first things she said to me was no more wishing. We are going to make things happen and I will see results…you know what?…I did see results and am still getting them. I encourage anyone who feels like they are stuck and can't live because things are holding you back, hypnotherapy with Stephanie is the way to go. Hypnosis isn't like what we have seen on TV having people acting silly and unaware of what's going on. You are well aware and in a comfortable and safe place.  Stephanie also gives self help options to make sure we are equipped to help ourselves.

"I can not thank you enough for getting me out of such a dark place. I had a meeting with my therapist and she seems to think it was her that healed me. But I know it was your consistency and your ability to use real techniques to pull me through. Thank you again!!" 

Tynisha H.

Alpharetta, GA 

Mike Jackson

"When I decided to return to school following my youngest child's long illness, I discovered that I had completely lost my ability to organize and concentrate. I struggled with simple assignments and felt overwhelmed in my every-day tasks. I feared that I was going to be unable to complete my degree, but then I found Stephanie. She helped me regain my focus and confidence. As a part of this, she helped me regain my ability to identify and address appropriate areas of concern rather than getting stuck in cycles of fruitless anxiety, as had become my habit while my son was ill."


Marietta, GA


"Stephanie truly helped with understanding my anxiety, and the tips she gave me on visualizing picking up my boys safely after school has helped SO much, what a difference! The clarity from our first meeting has helped me tremendously!  I had a major breakthrough that I would not have come to on my own.  I recommend Stephanie to anyone who needs help with anxiety."

Jane C.

Johns Creek, GA


Email feedback-used with permission

Mike Jackson


"I just wanted to give you a little follow up. While I felt like a million bucks yesterday, today has been really telling. I am writing to you from my accountant's home where I have behaved the calmest I've been in several years. I woke up calm, and spent the day calmly, even knowing I had this appointment coming up. That is not in itself remarkable, since I don't usually get anxious about an upcoming appointment until minutes before, BUT considering that this particular situation would reduce me to a sobbing mess just thinking or imagining about it, I find it an incredible achievement. He has not judged and we are solving the problem. This first and most difficult hurdle is being overcome. Thank you!"

Cathy S.

Alpharetta, GA

Mike Jackson

Can I just tell you how much I love Stephanie? I just left my two hour appointment feeling, happy, energized and stress free!!! Plus I learned some very interesting things today, including what my Life Purpose just might me! If you suffer from anxiety, depression, unresolved issues or just want to learn about your past and what drives you, Stephanie is your gal! No problem is too big or small for her! I highly recommend her! My only regret is not seeing her sooner!


Princess Susan (Inside joke!)


Susan L.

Canton, GA


Mike Jackson


"I decided to visit a hypnotist after learning that I needed to have heart valve reconstruction surgery. I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, and I was terrified at the thought of having my heart stopped and being put on cardiopulmonary bypass. I went online and started reviewing hypnosis websites. Stephanie Conkle's website attracted me because it offered a lot of information and she sounded both professional and approachable.

"I called to schedule an appointment and I was amazed at how much time she spent speaking with me and getting a thorough medical and psychological history before we even started hypnosis. Her services are advertised as hypnotherapy, and that is truly the service that she offers.

"After leaving her office, I felt a little nervous whenever I thought about the surgery, but in the back of my mind I told myself that it was my decision and I could always cancel the surgery if I chose to do so. My panic attacks were gone!  The morning of the surgery, I felt totally relaxed and at peace. I didn't feel nervous at all. My husband and family members were the nervous ones.

"Without Stephanie Conkle's hypnotherapy, I probably would have canceled or postponed the surgery until my heart suffered permanent damage. She was a true lifesaver for me!"

Ariane T.

Cumming, GA

Mike Jackson


"When I left your office I felt a shift inside me. For 3 days I couldn't put my finger on what it was that I was feeling. On the 4th day it dawned on me what it was. Happiness. I am happy. I haven't felt happy in over 2 years. Thank you Stephanie! I can really feel a difference."


Email feedback-used with permission

Mike Jackson

"I just wanted to thank you once again! I feel great, but sleepy, haha. But things are really nice, I guess whatever I need to discover with my higher self I will in its time, and I will continue on my journey. Thank you for your time, you and your guys are awesome! I'll get in touch with you again soon. Enjoy your day!" 

Barbara B. 

Atlanta, GA


Mike Jackson

"The first day I felt like it was hard to adjust to my new perspective. I say that because after I left the session I felt neutral; I couldn't pinpoint exactly how I was feeling in that moment, and then I also felt sad that night. I couldn't stop thinking about what was brought up. I feel it was probably a form of emotional detox because I felt the opposite the next day. These past few days have been better. I quickly got inspirations to move forward in my life. I've been feeling a bit more courageous to try new things. It has been a bit easier to not worry so much and fear interacting with other people. I have been doing my affirmations at night which do calm me down at night. The biggest change I would say is that I have been able to leave my house a bit more at ease. I definitely did feel a change since the session, and I do feel so much better. Thank you again for your help!"


Kennesaw, GA

Mike Jackson

"Stephanie is GOD sent. My experience was beyond amazing. If I could refer her to the world and require everyone to have a session with her I would. The experience that she gave me has been the experience I have been running from for so long. Her comforting words and wisdom has truly changed my life. She is awesome at what she does and should continue to provide such a fulfilling service to the world. Maybe this can be the baseline of your best seller. I know I would be first in line, because I know your writing will some day change the world. Thank you for allowing me to be a client. I will be back and I will continue to share your contact info to the world."

Myisha C.

Sandy Springs, GA 


Grief Therapy


"I am actually a hypnotherapist myself and chose Stephanie because of her skill and warmth as a person, to help me deal with an unresolved grief issue. The session was extremely cleansing and helped me finally let go and move on. I have felt so much better in the weeks since my session, and she did all of this via Skype as I live in the U.K. Thank you so much Stephanie, I am ever so grateful for you and would recommend you to anyone needing help."

Karen Riley

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Halifax, England, UK


Public Speaking & Interview Confidence

Mike Jackson

"I came to Stephanie for help with rebuilding my confidence and getting at the core of my anxiety issues surrounding public speaking. Specifically, I was gearing up for a big interview in August that meant more money and a great professional opportunity. Unfortunately, my last job interview did not go well, (I was so nervous I was shaking and could barely wait until it was over). Needless to say, I had been torturing myself with the idea that I might have a repeat negative performance for the upcoming interview and could possibly let a great opportunity slip by due to my anxiety issues. I scheduled two sessions in June and when I look back now I smile, because I'm not sure how I found Stephanie by chance on the internet and had enough courage to schedule my session right away.

"I have never been hypnotized before. I said a prayer before I came and asked God to help Stephanie help me. From the moment I came into her office, I felt very safe. She took a lot of time with me and even allowed the session to go over as she asked questions to understand what I was looking for and how she could guide me to what I needed to remove the mental barriers in my subconscious mind. The second part of the session was amazing! She helped me purge a lot of pain and sadness and got to the core of my issues. I felt very light after that session.

"The second session was about programming positive thoughts and planting seeds of confidence in me. I noticed immediately after that session more confidence in subtle ways, but I knew the big test was going to be how I felt going into and during my interview. The night before the interview I did not stress at all, in fact it felt just like any other night. I slept well and got up the next morning truly astonished that I was not freaking out. I went to my interview and there was no shaking, no extreme nervousness, no shaky voice, and because of that I was able to think and answer all the questions with confidence. I was even able to think of three good questions to ask the interviewer at the end of my interview. I am waiting to hear if I got that position or not, but I honestly feel like I got a huge payoff already. I finally beat my anxiety issues and feel confident to go on any future interviews and I know I will be okay when I have to give presentations. Thank you so much, Stephanie, for your help and the gift you are using to help people!"

D. C.

Covington, GA

Mike Jackson

"Let me preface this by stating that I have never written a testimonial for any services that I have received in my entire life. When Stephanie asked me if I would be interested in writing a brief testimonial about her services, I was very honored and jumped at the opportunity in hopes that my words will encourage you to meet with Stephanie and experience the positive and life changing affects that she has done for me.

"I am your average guy.  I get up and go to work everyday and have a wonderful family. On the outside, I am very happy and fun.  However, over the years, life has become more and more stressful. With the added stress, I noticed that I started to develop anxiety attacks and mood swings that were affecting me socially and professionally. I began to grow tired of these unwanted feelings and I desperately needed a solution. Most of the solutions did help a little: I changed my diet, started a great exercise plan, made plenty of "me" time and I even joined yoga. Unfortunately, the anxiety and panic attacks remained. For years, I had "crazy" friends who swore by the benefits of hypnotism. I quickly dismissed their beliefs and remained miserable.

"I knew that I had to get to the root cause of what was causing this anxiety. One afternoon, I Google searched "hypnotism and (the city I live in)" and Stephanie's practice was the first one that appeared. I called her and we spoke for over an hour while I was out driving to my next sales appointment. Stephanie will walk you through everything you need to know about hypnotism, NLP, and mechanics that you can use to overcome your anxiety. I was able to schedule an appointment with her a few days later and my life has completely changed. I now have the tools to own my feelings and the power to control my thoughts. Stephanie is for real. She is exactly what you are looking for if you suffer for so many years as I did. If you are looking to change your life for the better, call Stephanie and schedule an appointment."   

Brad K.

Alpharetta, GA

Jonathan Manson Photo on 4-15-16 at 5.54 PM #2

"I was just today hired to a new position with a 20% increase and bonus-I never had any kind of increase, bonus or reasonable benefits of any kind before – (Stephanie) gave me so much confidence, I could not believe I went on Skype (I never liked Skype with the big screen view and always with a concern about shading, position, really everything). I could never do a Skype interview-and I actually said so many times during the interview "I will do well in the position, I'm sure I'll do well" (that isn't me usually). It seems negative thoughts are replaced with positives by high energy responses."

Jonathan M.

Tucson, AZ

 Email update after one session – used with permission

Mike Jackson

"Hi Stephanie,

I can’t thank you enough- I keep raving about my experience!  Even though, it’s too early to tell of the long term effects… I am still convinced that it works, Hypnotherapy is one of the worlds’ best kept secrets.  I will definitely be back to see you.  The process is relaxing, peaceful, and I even found out things about myself that I wasn’t aware of (the monkey on my back, Lol).  

But I would recommend this to anyone who is having issues, even if they just need encouragement or a boost of confidence.  You spent so much time with me and were very kind and patient.  My first experience by far exceeded my expectations!!!

In the meantime, I will be in touch!  I’ll also write you 4 years from now when I’ve completed the first step in my schooling."

Best regards,

Janet R.

Douglasville, GA


Sports Excellence & Peak Performance 

Email feedback-used with permission

Mike Jackson

"Thank you for the work we did together last summer and just this last week. My tennis game has improved a lot – my ability to focus and make use of anchors has reduced choking in matches by 90% – looking forward to knocking out that last 10%. This last week we worked on nervousness during some public speaking engagements – a difficult problem because the nervousness did not occur very often. Thanks for pinpointing some solutions that until now are working well. I gave a speech today and felt great - another coming on Thursday."


Gary B.

Alpharetta, Ga.


Mike Jackson

"Feeling and felt very solid yesterday afternoon, evening and this morning. In the past I would sometimes I think about future competition and would feel butterflies in my stomach even with no pending competition.

Since the hypnosis I have thought about future competition and have felt no butterflies at all – just a very solid feeling hard to put words around. So far so good."



Fears & Phobias Release

Mike Jackson

"Hypnosis had always scared me since someone else is rewiring your subconscious mind, but I had some phobias that were hindering my daily life. I turned to Stephanie for help and she guided me through the process and really made sure I felt comfortable with everything.

This, I tell you, was a godsend. She took my analytical brain and explained things to me so I was relaxed and frankly, I feel turned me into a better me: the me that I was meant to be. I left feeling invigorated and more empowered to take on the day. This, my friends, was worth the experience, because she really tried to understand me before she fixed the problem."

Ted R.

Marietta, GA 


Email feedback (excerpt)-used with permission

Mike Jackson


"You are such a sincere and warm person… and you are really good at making people feel comfortable! You helped me more in one session than my therapist has in months, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"


Sleep Quality & Quantity

Mike Jackson

"In a word? Wow. As soon as you step into her office, Stephanie makes you feel at home. It's a feeling that continues throughout your time with her. Reaching out with an issue that needs help can be challenging and overwhelming, but with Stephanie, it's like chatting with an old friend.

"For me, the issue was nagging insomnia, and Stephanie was able to quickly and concisely get to the root of things. The hypnosis session itself was a wonderful experience. Her voice, her caring nature and her skill combine to create a sensation that really has to be felt to be believed. Her way with words really helped me think about my issue in a new light, and since I saw her, I've slept like a log. Hypnosis isn't magic, but you know, I think Stephanie may just be."

Jay M.

Washington, D.C.  


Mike Jackson

"It was life changing! The session was amazing. I didn't have a night terror for the first time in a long time! Stephanie put me at ease and I felt safe sharing my life story."

Sheila M.

Johns Creek, GA 



Relationship Management

Mike Jackson

"Omg…Stephanie was a Godsend! Literally saved our marriage! I had so many questions in regards to my husband's drunken infidelity. She gave me the closure I needed. I personally will be back for self help, dealing with my personal trust issues. I would recommend her over and over again."

Melissa W.

Peachtree City, GA


Medical Hypnosis


This unsolicited testimonial was posted on Facebook. I asked permission to use it here.

Mike Jackson

"Those of you that know me probably know that I am skeptical but open minded about alternative treatments, especially when it comes to my fibromyalgia. I've been going the traditional treatment route since my diagnosis 4 years ago (medication, physical therapy, some psych therapy, stuff like that). I'm sure I've had it much longer. None of it worked, and I've been getting progressively worse.

"I'd been reading about hypnotherapy as an option for fibromyalgia, stress, and anxiety, and was interested, but skeptical. Yesterday, I took the plunge, and I have to say, I'm no longer a skeptic. I feel so good right now, it's hard for me to believe. Yes, I still hurt some, but it's not the mind numbing pain I experienced most days. I got out of bed this morning, and wasn't bent over with back spasms. My ever present low grade headache is gone. The fibro-fog is lifted. I'm just…happy. I feel light on my feet and am not dragging. My stress and anxiety are gone. My muscles are loose. I'm not dreading today, which is such an improvement, I don't even know where to start.

"I want to thank Stephanie Conkle at Clear Life Hypnotherapy in Woodstock for taking the time yesterday to explain everything to me (what it is, how and why it works, etc), and going over our scheduled time to really work with me. I'm looking forward to our next session!"

Diane E.

Woodstock, GA 





James Hazlerig

"When I had an outbreak of shingles, I turned to Stephanie Conkle to help me activate my inner healing while I was waiting to get in to see my physician. Now, I'm a professional hypnotist, and I know hundreds who would have been happy to help me, but I realized that Stephanie was the one I would most trust to do a great job.

And she did! Not only was the session itself wonderful, she stopped the spread of shingles in its tracks. They'd been getting worse, and as soon as Stephanie worked with me, they stopped getting worse and started getting better. When my medical doctor examined me, he said, "Wow, that hypnosis really works. This is the mildest case of shingles I've ever seen!" So, thanks, Stephanie! I can't recommend you highly enough."

James Hazlerig 

Master Hypnotist at Harmony Hypnosis

Austin, TX

Mike Jackson

"I've had a frozen shoulder with chronic pain for over 20 years, due to a botched spinal cord operation. Stephanie removed the pain on the very first session. It was weird. She told it to leave and I felt it move down my arm, through my leg, then out my right foot. I don't understand it, but she said I didn't have to understand it as long as it works. I agree! Now we're working on getting some of my mobility back."

Joseph S.

Milton, GA 


Pediatric Hypnosis

Here is a heartwarming email from a mother who was concerned for her older son who was still wetting the bed at night. (Children's names removed for privacy.) Email used with permission.

Mike Jackson

Dear Stephanie,

"I just wanted to thank you for meeting with us on Saturday. (My son) has had great success. He was really excited and positive after meeting with you on Saturday. He stayed dry all night on Saturday. He slept straight through the night…about 8 hours, and stayed dry the whole time, which is for sure a first. 

"On Sunday, his father gave him permission to spend the night with some friends at their house. I was concerned, as he had an accident at these friends' house recently (trying to not use a pull-up, so it became an issue.) I wanted him to have success without the added pressure with friends. (My son) asked if he should bring a pull-up, but we had agreed that he shouldn't. He did take his own sleeping bag, and I gave him a stadium blanket to put in it (it has a soft fleece on one side, with a waterproof exterior in case he wanted to use it, as it would be difficult to clean his down sleeping bag. Anyway, he stayed dry all night at his friends. 

"As an aside, he had told his bother and sister a little about his experience. Now (my daughter) wants to be hypnotized! I had to explain to her that if there is an issue that she needs to work on,  I will take her, but that this was to help Michael remain dry all night, which she does just fine on her own! Anyway, thank you so very much.  I know it really worked with (my son). I will try not to ask him anymore! Have a great week!"

Mary S.

Suwanee, GA

Past Life Regression


"I have seen Stephanie for several sessions for Past Life Regression work. She never judged me for requesting it and knew exactly what to do. The first session was mind-blowing (to say the least). It was the first step of finding out who my Spirit is and the many lives my spirit has experienced. There were many tears of joy and the beginning of understanding "Me".  I always felt misunderstood and didn't fit in until I met Stephanie…and that's when my spiritual journey began."

Annette W.

Sandy Springs, GA 

Mike Jackson

I feel so much closer with my Higher Self. We comunicate a lot I think we became more closer. Since my hypnosis I’m thinking less negative toughts. I feel more confident and more at ease. I wanted to thank you so much for all your help. 

Crissol M.

Atlanta, GA



Tension and Stress Release

Mike Jackson

"I am trying to learn to meditate. I have never had much success with it, but after a session with Stephanie, I learned tools for relaxation that let me empty my mind of all the workday jumble."

James S. 

Atlanta, GA 


Email feedback-used with permission

Mike Jackson


"You are SO awesome!!! Sorry I've not had a chance to tell you before now because of my trip and work. But after seeing you last Saturday and for the rest of the day, I can't remember when I've felt better! It was unbelievable!! And I can definitely tell I had more confidence when I needed it. Although I do know that more sessions like last Saturday will only build on what I need – so I look forward to more! I've been listening to the CD you gave me on a regular basis.

"Thank you so much!!! This is SO exciting!! Please let me know when you will be scheduling appointments again and we can work out some times. Don't think I will be traveling again until the end of January. Again, thank you so much!! I so appreciate you and am so, so glad I found you!! 

"Hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday season!! Take good care."


Catherin M. 

Alpharetta, GA

Email feedback-used with permission

Mike Jackson

Hey Steph!

"Great day today!!! Thank you!!! You have worked a miracle. The Shaman! (That's a compliment). So much has happened since our last session! I feel the best I have been since I met with you. Changed my life. (Clapping). You deserve a standing ovation. Great work! Take me to the next step. I am speaking very highly of you to others. Looking forward to our next meeting. Bring your magic!" 

Brad K.

Alpharetta, GA

Anger Management

Email feedback-used with permission

Mike Jackson

"Thank You, Stephanie, for all the effort you've put into helping me.  I'm sure it won't surprise you that I'm a guy who NEVER asks for help, but gives it all the time. While I'm generally a pretty optimistic guy, I have to say that I've spent too much time dwelling or focusing on negative things. Especially those that I can't do anything about. Our sessions have just gotten progressively better.  This has been so good for me in so many ways, and I look forward to our next session. (Believe it or not, it's like looking forward to the next big vacation.  I can't wait for the next Friday to come). " 

Stephen S.  

Alpharetta, GA 

Social Anxiety Release

From the mother of a teenager with social anxiety. (Child's name removed for privacy.)

Mike Jackson

"Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much (my daughter) LOVED her session with you yesterday. She thinks you are one of the smartest people she has ever met! smile emoticon

"Thank you for everything! You made her feel so comfortable and she really loved all of the information you gave her at the beginning.  She had a great day at school today too."


Roswell, GA 




From a fan who kept up with my blogs

Mike Jackson

Hi Stephanie,

"I have tried your seven steps to get a job. Thank you! I got the job. I got married. Thank you so much. If you have any other way for me to have a happy life and to achieve my next goals…Please share with me."

S. B.



Professional Endorsements


Mark Barrus



Mark Barrus, Director at Healthy Life Centers,

"Stephanie has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals. Many people have called me, and I've told them to call Stephanie directly. Problem solved."

Mark worked with Stephanie

Col H. Larry Elman, MIT '60



Col H. Larry Elman, MIT '60, CH, CI, son of Dave Elman

"Stephanie is a skilled true professional and a thoughtful courteous lady. I have worked with her via e-mail and also in professional gatherings such as Conferences and Conventions. Her advice is listened to and respected. SHE KNOWS AND PRACTICES HYPNOSIS AND HYPNOTHERAPY AT A HIGHLY QUALIFIED LEVEL. In addition, I personally know of her generosity to other professional colleagues."

Col H. Larry advised Stephanie 

Michael Ellner



Michael Ellner, Owner, Quantum Focusing Media

"Stephanie Conkle is a sensitive, caring and skilled hypnosis practitioner."

Michael Ellner CHT
Diplomat, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

Michael advised Stephanie 

John Cerbone



Hypnotist John Cerbone – The Trance-Master – Shows, Events, Programs, Sessions, MP3s, Media Consultant

"I can whole-heatedly share my professional recommendation of Stephanie as a hard-working and clearly focused, skilled Master Hypnotist.

She is both motivated and driven to provide her clientele with optimal professional service, with careful attention to detail, proficiently bringing about beneficial improvement into the lives of those who seek her out for personal improvement on a wide variety of areas in which she is adept, whether for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, or other areas of personal improvement, naming only a few areas in which she is adept. Further, on a personal level, she's a really great person, with an insightful mind. Once you get to work with her, I am certain you will agree!"

John advised Stephanie 

 Ellie Decker


Ellie Decker, Actress, Model, Writer, and Internship Director

"Stephanie is a WONDERFUL hypnotist! I have used and recommended her multiple times, always with highly satisfactory results! I am far from being okay with "hokey" stuff, and Stephanie is immensely professional. She quite adequately explains her process and never presses or pushes for anything beyond a client's comfort."

Ellie was Stephanie's client

James Hazlerig 

Jame Hazlerig, Owner, Harmony Hypnosis, Austin's Quit Smoking Headquarters

"Stephanie is an excellent hypnotist. As a fellow practitioner, I often seek out other hypnotists to exchange services, and I must say that Stephanie really knows her stuff. I would not hesitate to send my own family members to work with Stephanie."

 James worked with Stephanie 

 Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson, Freelance Artist, Entrepreneaur

"Stephanie is a brillaint hypnotherapist. She has a vast knowledge of hypnosis and uses her talent to create a course of action that best suits your dilemma. She is a kind, descrete, and completely dedicated to finding a solution to your problem. Stephanie is definitely one of the best in her field."

Mike was Stephanie's client

Karl Smith

Karl Smith, International Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Trainer. Specializing in Ptsd, Anxiety and Stress

"I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie and I would describe her as an amazing Hypnotherapist and Coach. She has so much drive and commitment to help others, which motivates her clients to succeed. She always has a smile on her face which is great to see when you meet her, her approach is professional but fun. If you are looking for a Hypnotist, Coach or NLP practitioner I would Highly recommend Stephanie. I would like to see her more but I'm in the UK!"

Karl worked with Stephanie 

Mike Jackson

Alfred Bellanti, Author, Entrepreneur, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Herbalist

"As a colleague, Stephanie has demonstrated time and time again her professionalism as a highly skilled hypnotherapist. Her work is unique and even I could learn from her. She's one of the best!"

Alfred worked with Stephanie


Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Live Stage Show

"In a hypnosis show at Spudz Tavern in Roswell, HypnoSteph put my girlfriend, who was running our Karaoke show, in a hypnotic trance. I’m definitely not what you’d call a skeptic or gullible, but believe that a lot of things fit into shades of grey, and certainly from talking to Stephanie, she is very realistic and knowledgeable about her field. Even though I was not being hypnotized, she took quite a bit to explain how certain conditions and factors effect the success. 

"Now, in terms of trust, my girlfriend was lucky to have Stephanie watching over her, because I, as any loving boyfriend would desire, asked for her to bark like a chicken and wanted her to fall out of her chair.   Instead, after a brief bout with not being able to let go of a “magical sticky pen,” my girlfriend was instructed to forget my name. Now, I’ve had a lot of girlfriends and know many girls are great actresses, but the sense of confusion in her eyes as Stephanie asked her to introduce me was enough to bring me to tears laughing (and if that wasn’t enough, she turned to Stephanie and in what was clearly meant to be said in a whisper, came out in a pretty loud and frustrated, “What the hell is his name?”)

"People talking like Martians, being mentally stuck to walls, and not being able to stand up from their chairs soon followed. I know these are all staple tricks for any performing hypnotist worth their salt, but what was amazing to me was not only how easily Stephanie converted what was meant to be clinical into something harmless and entertaining, yet very powerful, but that she took the time to explain how and why things worked that way. I also had a bunch of people come up to me and tell me how great she was and were thankful that she was there. I’m hoping we can do more of these entertaining little sessions in the future!"

Nick P.


Rose Entertainment Karaoke


Author & Speaker

A surprise review of my book Happy Person. Happy Life: A Recipe for Happiness.


"While your undeniable intellect shines through the book, which has been excellently put together, the science and practical advice are refreshingly interspersed with very frank, touching or amusing stories of personal experience that you are kind enough to share. This makes you, as author, very engaging and it is easy for the reader to relate to what you are saying.

"Whilst much of the subject matter was psychological or biological/physiological, it was all delivered in a way that was easy to understand, even if one is not too good at science. You will be pleased to hear that I intend to have a go at some of the practical activities myself."


Rebecca F. 

London, England

Happy Book Cover small

Here is the link to the Kindle version of my happiness book on…











































A survey of psychotherapy literature* by Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. revealed the following recovery rates:


Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions. 

Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions. 

Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions.











































































































































*Ref Barrios, A.A. “Toward understanding the effectiveness of hypnotherapy: A Combined clinical, theoretical and experimental approach.” Doctoral dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles, 1969.








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